ACTIVITIES - olive picking, slim pickings

Every year we wait until the beginning of December to bring in the harvest of a whole year's worth of olives, anxiously waiting and hoping... 

Last year's harvest was 0 due to the wet weather at the wrong time of year, and the year before the outcome had also not been too great. So this year it was with great anticipation that we descended onto our olive grove of 3 hectars, on the outskirts of Quinson and between La Vudèle and the village. Thanks to our care, proper trimming and - I swear - me talking to the trees some of them have grown to a considerable size worthy the name "tree"! However, the harvest was a bit meager and disappointing so we were finished rather quickly.

We then returned to La Vudèle to pick the four trees in the garden, and despite the fact that some branches had masses of olives on them, as compared to previous years - the amount was also not something to write home about.

Our last hope then was Puimoisson where Jim takes care of a property and gets to harvest the olives. Again, despite some very promising branches the total was disappointing.

We took the nicest looking olives and cured them in brine so if all goes well we will have some delicious olives to eat this summer.

The rest we gave to friends to take to the mill and in return received a very small amount of oil but hopefully enough until next December. Unfortunately this means we have no oil to sell to our guests and friends this year, again...

Once the olive harvest is over winter begins...

YOGA - x-mas yoga

To celebrate this wonderful time of year and
find inner peace come together at
yoga shala at La Vudèle for

x-mas YOGA

hatha, Iyengar, meditation
calmING & relaxing


  Friday, 18.12., 10h
Wednesday, 23.12., 17h
Wednesday, 30.12., 17h

Saturday, 02.01., 17h

after each session we share a cup of warming Zen tea
1.5 hours ~ € 10 ~ mats provided
for beginners, regular practitioners and non-yogis
drop-in class, no reservation required

*** wishing you light, prosperity & happiness ***

EXTRA - Solli's blog

MEET THE EDITOROne of our first returning guests, Solli, a Swedish young woman now living in Paris writes about her life and travels on her blog, a blog about Paris Life, Food, Fashion & Travel. She writes about food, especially anything to do with sweets, cakes or chocolate, her passion for exploring and traveling, and about glamorous fashion in Paris. But not only that, she is also a very talented photographer, and some of the photos on our web site are from her visits!

We really enjoy reading her blog, and we enjoy her visits here even more! The first time last year she was just a bit too late to see the lavender fields in bloom but this year she managed to come down for a long weekend during the height of the lavender season, and Claudia took her to the local lavender distillery, for a whiff of this precious oil. Solli got up very early one morning, to catch the precious soft morning light above the lavender fields

Solli wrote beautifully and took fantastic photos of her dinners with us, table d'hôtes, and her enthusiasm of food, organic local ingredients, tastes and flavors gave inspiration to some very delicious dishes beautifully captured by her and her camera. In the morning our copious breakfast with freshly baked sourdough bread was also beautifully captured on film; notice her perfectly manicured hand in the photos, isn't that a pretty, personal touch?

We are very much looking forward to Solli's next visit!

LIFE AT LA VUDELE - cooking with devotion

Good food requires more than top-notch ingredients and creative recipes - it's the compassion, intention, and energy of those in the kitchen that make a meal fulfilling. 

Cultivating a selfless intention, committing to recognizing the Divine in those you're feeding, and cooking joyfully without expectation of recognition will improve your awareness as well as your food. For the yogic cook, integrating mindfulness and love only deepens a cooking experience and, according to some, enhances the quality and flavor of the food itself. 

Inspired by the success in running our yoga retreats for several years now and on the positive comments we received from our guests dining with us at our table d'hôtes we decided to combine our two passions, yoga & cooking. 

For 2016  we offer 3 dates for yoga & organic vegan cooking weekends:
20. - 22. May
1. - 3. July
16. - 18. September
program for the yoga & organic vegan cooking weekends (May, July & September)
 arrival after 15h and installation in your rooms
16h workshop on healthy, clean, organic vegan cooking and introduction of the weekend's menu and activities and handing out of the La Vudèle goodie bag
19h classic Provencal apéritif dinatoire: a relaxed sit-down dinner with several different dishes prepared by your hosts, to explore the flavors and aromas of Provence
Saturday7.30 energizing morning yoga practice outside in nature, to get Prana flowing and stimulate digestion
9h our copious organic vegan breakfast with sourdough bread
10h visit of the local farmers' market in Riez with guide to our organic producers. We will purchase the ingredients for the delicious meal for dinner
afterwards free time to explore the area, the lavender fields, the gorge du Verdon and its lakes, etc
16h cooking course and preparation of our dinner:
Cooking with the fresh ingredients from our own vegetable garden and purchased at the market in the morning.
Practice of mindfulness, kindness & ahimsa, nonviolence, one of the yamas of yoga.
Awareness meditation: the love we place into the preparation is the love which nourishes us
19h gala dinner presenting the bounty of our cooking experience accompanied by wine tasting of local organic wines from Quinson, some cultivated right behind La Vudèle
Sunday 7.30 energizing morning yoga practice outside in nature
9h our copious organic vegan breakfast|
followed by a workshop on ideas for a healthy vegan breakfast and a certificate of your participation of this workshop
afterwards departure or possibility to extend your stay in our B&B

2 nights accommodation in our organic B&B or guest house including our copious organic vegetarian/vegan breakfast and 2 dinners € 580 / € 770 for two

Come share your passion!


RECIPES - a vegan Christmas

Winter offers a cornucopia full of delicious fruits and vegetables, accentuated by legumes, nuts, grains and essential oils: we can make use of these fantastic ingredients. Why not incorporate that into a delicious vegan holiday dinner?

As we promote a vegan lifestyle here at La Vudèle we would like to give you some ideas for the holiday table. When busy cooking for our guests at our table d'hôtes we tend to forget to take photos of our creations... Fortunately our guest Solli from Sweden/Paris took some during her two stays this year and last and posted the recipes on her blog; these dishes work really well for a fancy dinner with friends and family and are all animal cruelty-free.

Along the same lines is thoughtful gift giving. In this world of materalistic abundance it's a smile, a gesture, a thought which makes a difference... Bonne fête!

The starter: a warming flageolet bean soup with freshly sprouted alfalfa
 warming flageolet bean soup


The main course: slow-cooked risotto with freshly cracked linseed

 risotto with


The dessert (to be dressed up with sparkle and glitter, of course!):
lavender custard with cranberries

Enjoy your home-cooked meals
and thank you for thinking of the animals that did not
have to suffer and were not killed for this meal!

Jim & Claudia


LIFE AT LA VUDELE - organic wine of Quinson


Le Parc du Verdon in which Quinson and hence La Vudèle is located recently celebrated 10 years of activity with a big bash in Quinson, at le jardin public. Marquees were set up, stands prepared, stalls erected. Local producers carrying the label "Parc du Verdon" like Felicia our honey supplier got ready to sell their locally produced food. Throughout the day, a gorgeous Sunday, all kinds of activities and workshops were offered, one of which was the traditional way of harvesting grapes. At this occassion Jim was interviewed, right next to La Vudèle, during a workshop on harvesting the organically grown grapes of the wine of Quinson!

On this day the organic wine of Quinson which grows right behind La Vudèle received the label "Parc du Verdon"

The wines called "Terroir de Quintius" and "Azur" are grown according to the rules of the IGP (indication géographique protégée) by our neighbors Joel, Eric and Thimotée. And as a matter of fact Jim and Claudia gave the Quintius wine its name! Ask us about that story next time you visit us!

In this video we see the grandchildren of one of the owners of La Vudèle being interviewed on their experience of the manual grape harvest, and at 00:25 you can see Jim as he talks about living next to the vines which make the delicious wines of Quinson,

Santé, tchin-tchin and prost!


EXTRA - gift certificate

If you would to give a special gift to your loved one, a vegetarian or vegan friend, someone looking for natural cosmetics or somebody who would appreciate a stay in  our B&B at La Vudèle why not give a gift certificate!

Why not give:

* a stay in our organic vegetarian/vegan bed & breakfast € 85/night including our signature copious vegetarian breakfast with freshly baked sourdough bread

* table d'hôtes our 3-course organic vegetarian/vegan dinner for € 25 pp including beverages (can be combined with a stay in our B&B)

* yoga retreat: a weekend, yoga & cooking weekend or 6-day retreat

* organic cosmetics products produced at La Vudèle: C'etrange Fine Natural Products, never tested on animals, free of perfume, parabens, coloring and chemicals

This gift certificate or cheque cadeau in French can be issued for any value and is shipped free of charge in a classy envelope of frosted paper anywhere in the world
or by email as a printable PDF so you can hand it to your friend, spouse, partner any way you prefer. To purchase or enquire contact us

Happy gift giving!


ACTIVITIES - fall in Provence

This time of year the weather tends to be a bit of a mixed bag, usually sunny days with some rain, cool in the evening and overall a bit less cheerful than the rest of the year. But this year we have been enjoying the most gorgeous fall weather, with temperatures around 20 degrees every day, no wind, lots of sunshine and an overall feel of calm
Provence - land of eternal sunshine

Provence - a beautiful part of the world where every season has its charme

Provence - land of space and vastness, of natural beauty

the beautiful gorge of Quinson

lunch at the lake

breathing space... space to breathe...


YOGA - taste the rainbow

Every time I see a rainbow, a natural occurrence very common here in Provence, I think of the Skittles commercial where this girl's voice comes on at the end, very hushed: "Taste the rainbow." On our annual end-of-season trip to Italy I had the fortune to not only see one but two rainbows - parallel and equally beautiful - right in front of us, above the coast line of Cinque Terre which we were visiting.

double rainbow over the Med in early October
Jim took this photo of me from the promenade in Rapallo, a pretty town near Portofino, and despite or because of the downpour just minutes before this image shows the beauty and power of nature so beautifully!

But what does a rainbow mean, where does it come from, where does it end? Legend has it that at the end of every rainbow sits a leprechaun, described as being no more than 2 feet tall. Leprechauns supposedly spend all their time busily making shoes, and legend has it that if you can keep your gaze fixed on them long enough that they are compelled to reveal the whereabouts of their pot of gold. The idea that a pot of gold can be found at the rainbow's end originated somewhere in old Europe. 

The scientific explanation is that a rainbow is one of nature's most splendid masterpieces. A rainbow is an excellent demonstration of the dispersion of light and one more piece of evidence that visible light is composed of a spectrum of wave lengths, each associated with a distinct color. To view a rainbow, your back must be to the sun as you look at an approximately 40 degree angle above the ground into a region ...more here

But whatever the reason, origin or chemical composition: a rainbow is a beautiful sight, free to all and for all to enjoy!

Enjoy nature!


LIFE AT LA VUDELE - thank you

Claudia & Jim with Mia
October has arrived, the season of contemplation is starting, the sun shines less strong and the evenings get colder... This is also the time to reflect. And to pick up projects left aside during the busy season, like this blog which we stopped in early summer but gathered new ideas, recipes and other news which we will share throughout the winter. 

To reflect is to look back at our activities the past few months which started in March. We hosted many people in our organic vegetarian B&B, all lovely guests from allover the world who stayed with us, not only from all over Europe but also from South Korea, Australia, the US and Canada, Puerto Rico and India and many more places - we would like to thank each one of these persons for having spent some time at La Vudèle, for having brought this energy here.

We also again held yoga workshops which we as hosts enjoyed very much, and judging by the feedback and emails we still receive our participants enjoyed their time here as well. This also gave rise and inspiration for a cook book which turned into the idea of offering yoga & organic vegan cooking weekends for 2016!

Claudia & Jim with Mimie
Mia somewhere else ;-)

We would like to thank all of our guests for making this place so special, and we are very much looking forward to welcoming back some of them next year who already booked for June and July, for the famous lavender season! 

A bientôt!
Jim & Claudia
Mimie & Mia


EXTRA - new retreat: yoga & vegan cooking

Based on the success in running our yoga retreats for several years now and on the positive comments we received from our guests dining with us at our table d'hôtes we decided to combine our two passions, yoga & cooking, and will offer 3 dates in 2016 for yoga & organic vegan cooking weekends:

20.- 22. May * yoga & organic vegan cooking *
1. - 3. July * yoga & organic vegan cooking *
16. - 18. September * yoga & organic vegan cooking *

Here is the program for these weekends
Friday arrival after 17h and installation in your rooms
18h workshop on healthy, clean, organic vegan cooking and introduction of this weekend's menu
19h classic Provencal apéritif dinatoire: a dinner with several different dishes, to explore the flavors and aromas of Provence
Saturday 7h30 - 9h energizing morning yoga outside in nature, followed by a copious organic vegan breakfast
10h visit of the local farmers' market in Riez with guide to our organic producers
16h -18h preparation of dinner: cooking course with fresh ingredients from our own vegetable garden and purchased at the market in the morning. Practice of mindfulness, kindness & ahimsa, nonviolence, one of the yamas of yoga. Awareness meditation: the love we place into the preparation is the love which nourishes us
18h30 gala dinner presenting the bounty of our cooking experience accompanied by wine tasting of local organic wines from Quinson, cultivated right behind La Vudèle
Sunday 7h30 - 9h energizing morning yoga practice outside in nature, followed by a copioous organic vegan breakfast
9h workshop on ideas for a healthy breakfast and recipe book
afterwards departure or possibility to extend your stay in our B&B

2 nights accommodation in our organic B&B or guest house including our copious organic vegan breakfast and 2 dinners including wine tasting € 580 / € 770 for two

These workshops will give every participant the opportunity to learn how to prepare delicious vegan food using fresh, organic local products which are in season at that moment. Learn how to include healthy seeds and herbs and make a delicious meal. Claudia is very creative in using all kinds of ingredients and loves to share; likewise this will be an opportunity for foodies and hobby cooks to share their knowledge with the group.


Of course we will also hold our regular yoga weekends and two 5-night/6 day retreats. For these the meals will be prepared for you by Claudia but of course you are free to watch or participate in the preparation and even learn how to bake your own sourdough bread!

dates for 201620. - 22. May: yoga & organic vegan cooking
12. - 17. June: yoga retreat
1. - 3. July: yoga & organic vegan cooking
4. - 9. September: yoga retreat
16. - 18. September: yoga & organic vegan cooking
7. - 9. October: yoga weekend

We are very  much looking forward to hosting
individuals from all walks of life: omnivores, vegetarians, vegans

Bon appétit & namasté!


ACTIVITIES - Karma Exchange Saturday, 14. November

Twice a year we organize a "Karma Exchange", essentially a clothing swap which has turned into the idea to extend this exchange of previously loved items to an exchange on several levels. And the 14th of October coincides with this year's Diwali Festival of Lights which we shall celebrate with the launching of happiness balloons into the evening sky

Throughout the afternoon there will be 

- a yoga session, with Claudia and other guest teachers
- talks & discussions
- coffee & tea
- a clothing swap
- live music / dancing / singing
- a guided meditation
- a shared dinner

Starting with a yoga session around 14h in the yoga shala we will ease into the afternoon and go with the flow, depending on who shows up and wants to share, be it a skill, knowledge, wisdom or simply presence: everybody is welcome to join. Basically La Vudèle will be the canvas on which we paint.

In the evening we will gather around the dinner table in our farmhouse kitchen, by a wood fired stove, where everyone can present their vegetarian or vegan contribution, a potluck or repas espanol.

date: Saturday, 14. November 2015
place: La Vudèle, Quinson

This is for locals who would like to reconnect after the summer, for visitors who want to have a local experience, for long-lost friends, passersby, everybody is welcome!

Come & join!


RECIPES - chocolate mint ice cream

Everybody loves ice cream! And even more chocolate ice cream! So on my quest to find THE best vegan ice cream recipe I realized that it need to be creamy. And what better and easier way than to make a custard and then turn it into ice cream! Oat milk is for a rich version, with rice milk for a gluten-free delicacy

2 cups of oat milk *
2 tablespoons cornstarch *
dash of salt
1/2 cup raw cocoa powder
2 drops peppermint essential oil
1/2 cup sugar

If using an icecream maker place the cooling element into the freezer according to instructions, minimum 24 hours beforehand.

~ Dissolve cornstarch and cocoa powder in some cold oat milk.
~ Slowly heat the rest of the milk in a pot. Add the salt and sugar.
~ Once the milk has come to a boil add the cornstarch/cocoa mixture and stir until it has thickened into a custard.**
~ Allow to cool completely (1-2 hours), then place into refridgerator.

Using your icecream maker turn this delicious custard into heavenly chocolate mint ice cream

* For a gluten-free version use rice milk and 3 tablespoons of cornstarch
** The gluten-free version will be less thick

Bon appétit!


YOGA - the yoga shala

Yoga & Nature is about enjoying the outdoors of beautiful Provence for our yoga, to integrate nature's beauty, the fresh air, the blue sky, the flowers and - of course - lavender all around us.
~ tadasana - mountain pose - gets a new meaning when we look onto nearby Montdenier, at a majestic 1905 m altitude, and use its immobility and stillness to calm our body and mind
~ during pranayamas we inhale the clean fresh morning air
~ balancing poses like eagle or Vrksasana / tree whilst gazing across lavender fields.
This is Yoga & Nature en Provence...

But sometimes nautre needs a break, and this is when we can use a gorgeous indoor space - the shala - as our practice and mediation space. Part of the oldest section of La Vudèle this room is equipped with large windows to let in the light of Provence and a cast iron
wood-fired stove to warm us.

A beautiful serene space to come together and unwind, to share a practice. This is a peaceful sanctuary. A breathing space. A place for meditation.

Bienvenue et namasté


YOGA - 6-day yoga retreat: LAVENDER in bloom

For 2015 we not only offer the usual weekend retreats in May and September but also a 6-day/5-night yoga week in June! We chose this date to offer our yoginis the unique opportunity to experience the fantastic sight and scent of lavender in bloom, usually from the middle of June until the end of July

Join us for this June yoga retreat as this is the best time to visit Provence: the famous lavender fields are in bloom! We will take our yoga practice to the lavender fields and enjoy the scent and color of this wonderful flower.

Discover the key elements of Hatha yoga with elements of Iyengar yoga, enriched by meditation and relaxation, adapted to all levels. The program offers a holistic time where you cantake care of yourself from the inside through yoga practice, delicious organic vegetarian food, meditation, and free time to explore and relax.


EXTRA: Thursday morning yoga

greeting the sun

Last year I started offering a morning yoga class but with a twist: outdoors, under the mulberry tree in our garden or in the open air, with views across lavender fields and the mountains - what a magical experience! And because everyone enjoyed it so much I will offer it again this year!

Starting the first Thursday in June we will meet for this 10 o'clock class under the blue sky of Provence. Everybody is invited to join, from complete novice to regular practitioner as hatha with Iyengar influences is ideal for adapting to everyone's needs. Mats are provided, nothing else required.

The session takes about 1.5 hours followed by a cup of calming tea, at € 10 per person.

Join Claudia for an outdoor practice with Yoga & Nature:
* greet the sun with your morning "sun salutation"
* enjoy the serenity of our bird sanctuary during your practice
* indulge in a
yoga practice facing Mont Denier right in front of you for "mountain pose"

ACTIVITIES - spring gardening in Provence

Spring is the best time of year: the sun is strong, the doors and windows stay open all day, the birds start their morning concert earlier and earlier, the animal world has come out of hibernation, and the flora is every changing, with new blossoms appearing every day!

Jim's nod to his Dutch heritage

RECIPES - lavender custard


Lavender - what a lovely flower! And so versatile: everybody loves the scent of lavender essential oil, be it in cosmetics or as a room scent. But how about adding it to a dessert?

Unknown to many this culinary experience is a delight to be savored! Only one drop of this oil which comes from the fields around La Vudèle - très local -  is needed for one liter of milk as too much can be overpowering. We use
* 1 liter organic oat milk which is slightly sweet and has a creamy texture
* add a tiny bit of organic cane sugar (roughly half a cup or less)
* 5 tablespoons of organic cornstarch
* a small turn of the salt mill
et voilà, a delicious lavender custard is the amazing result!

For our guests we prepare table d'hôtes or hosts' dinner which is the moment to share memories, swap stories and - of course - consume a delicious home-cooked meal. We prepare everything fresh, with regional and seasonal products from the market in Riez, from one of the four producers of organic fruit and vegetables: what they don't sell we don't use... or buy elsewhere. (Some exceptions are citrus fruits and bananas)


Vegetarian and mostly vegan our guests enjoy the concoctions Claudia creates but never ask her for her recipe: there are none, just lots of ideas put into the pots and pans.

Bon appetit!


ACTIVITIES - spring at the café

Spring has arrived in Provence when the street cafés start to get busy again. With the (fairly) mild weather here we are fortunate to be able to make use of this quintessential Mediterranean pastime every Saturday morning where we meet up with friends and acquaintances, sometimes bringing guests along. 

at the café
 At the bar Le Central we try to get a table in the sun, and since the branches of the plane trees, platane in French, were trimmed the end of February it is nowadays possible to enjoy the warming sunshine the entire time. 

This is also where we swap ideas, exchange stories, plan excursions or simply sit together and watch the world go by.

EXTRA - online sources

We believe in sharing because not only is sharing caring but we also believe that a mind can only expand when it can exchange and hence learn new things. So here are some of the online resources we use when looking for advice, ideas, information, reviews, etc. There are also links which have been given to us by our guests so that the exchange has already started - fantastic!

* onegreenplanet.org vegan recipes and animal-rights issues

* care2.com ideas on green living and highly effective petitions for human and animal rights

v e g a n D a d great vegan recipes, ideas and well-written

and a recommendation from our guest Solli from Paris who has her own beautiful blog:
* ohsheglows.com vegan recipes and tipps

RECIPES - quinoa risotto

February and March are the most difficult months of the year for the human body as nature has not awakened from its winter slumber and winter has stopped producing in order to prepare for spring and another growing season. Our trusted farmers Gerard and Francis at their stands at the weekly market in Riez provide us with what's in season, and so now is the time for the last winter greens and root vegetables

http://www.organicprovence.com/table.htmlAs such our choices are more limited yet there is still an abundance of joyful ingredients which we can use to prepare delicious meals. How about a quinoa risotto? Unlike risotto made with Arborio rice quinoa, when cooked, does not become creamy and sticky. But not worries, there are also advantages. 

LIFE AT LA VUDELE - spring gardening

Every year, or rather: continuously, we work on our vegetable garden. 'Continuously' because we use permaculture as the basis which utilizes many different factors like the moon phases; creating our own compost, of course no fertilizers but to us nothing which comes from the outside; local plant varieties and seeds from a trusted source; rain water captured in a basin; the sun's movement; and our own two hands.

cherry tree in bloom in our garden
This year we finally managed to source the materials for a cold frame, like an old window très local, ie. at our neighbors' who had their windows replaced. More on that in our April postings because starting this year we can offer 2 more guest rooms at our organic B&B! Anyway, the end of February, in 


YOGA - World Yoga Day '15

 Every year in late winter World Yoga Day, now in its 7th year, takes place allover the world. This year on 22nd February, on a Sunday morning, between 11h and 13h, yogis everywhere came together to celebrate this special moment, united spiritually and connected through yoga.

 A donation-based project every year a different cause benefits from the contributions of each yogi, be it monetary or idealistic. This year it is the TARA project which provides funding to a deprived part of Africa, enabling children to attend school and better the lives of themselves and their families. Originating in Austria World Yoga Day has spread throughout the world, as you can see on this list of participating yoga studios, from Argentina to Malaysia and Venezuela
 Last year I was on Corsica through helpx.net, a fantastic opportunity to stay with locals and exchange ideas, services, thoughts, and spent the actual World Yoga Day time at the most amazing beach, Santa Giulia


YOGA - calming winter asanas

Winter is the time of year where our body slows down, naturally. There is less daylight, the temperatures drop, nature has fallen into its slumber, to gather energy and strength for the warmer and lighter months.
Nevertheless we can take our yoga practice outside, enjoy the sights and sounds of snow falling or melting in the sun, the chirping of the birds as they are looking for food and shelter, and enjoy the rays of sunshine as

EXTRA - yoga retreats 2015

* yoga retreats 15.-17. May * 21.-26. June * 11. - 13. September *
For 2015 we not only offer the usual weekend retreats in May and September but also a 6-day/5-night yoga week in June! We chose this date to offer our yoginis the unique opportunity to experience the fantastic sight and scent of lavender in bloom, usually from the middle of June until the end of July

A holistic time, where we take care of ourselves from the inside, be it through
* yoga practice
* delicious organic vegetarian food: seasonal, fresh, Provencal with an international touch
* meditation
* time to explore and relax, take a typical Provencal afternoon siesta, swim in a lake, go for a walk
* time to enjoy an in-depth practice, yoga philosophy, spirituality. Focus will not only be on various asanas but on advancing on the path of yoga
* mats & material will be provided


RECIPES - winter ratatouille with couscous

La Ratatouille is as typical Provencal as lavender and the blue sky. It is the quintessential summer dish, of using what's in season, in the garden, at the farmers' market, and creating a delicious slow-cooked blend of flavors. And naturally vegan!
The same principle can be used to make a winter ratatouille: using vegetables which are in season now, and making a delightful and colorful stew, warming and nourishing. Taking in what nature offers us and loading up on vitamins A & C and essential fatty acids before the difficult time of year begins, March and April, where nature has shut down for the winter and spring has not really arrived with the new year's crop.