LIFE AT LA VUDELE - merci beaucoup & thank you

This year we are seeing back quite a few of last year's guests - thank you so much to everyone who chose to return and who appreciates the work and effort - along with love and care - into our work!

Some of them are staying even longer than last year, a sign that what we offer here at La Vudèle is what our guests want and need. And all enquiring about our two cats right away! We have friends of returning guests and relatives of guests - simply wonderful!

We also have guests who are staying nearby but who come to pay us a visit, over tea and a game of table fussball, or who we meet up with at the market in Riez! One couple came for another yoga & vegan cooking retreat, wow! And this is only until the middle of July - amazing

merci beaucoup
  Thank you &
merci beaucoup
all you lovely people
for your kindness
respect &

Jim & Claudia
Mimie & Mia

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