ACTIVITIES - olive picking, slim pickings

Every year we wait until the beginning of December to bring in the harvest of a whole year's worth of olives, anxiously waiting and hoping... 

Last year's harvest was 0 due to the wet weather at the wrong time of year, and the year before the outcome had also not been too great. So this year it was with great anticipation that we descended onto our olive grove of 3 hectars, on the outskirts of Quinson and between La Vudèle and the village. Thanks to our care, proper trimming and - I swear - me talking to the trees some of them have grown to a considerable size worthy the name "tree"! However, the harvest was a bit meager and disappointing so we were finished rather quickly.

We then returned to La Vudèle to pick the four trees in the garden, and despite the fact that some branches had masses of olives on them, as compared to previous years - the amount was also not something to write home about.

Our last hope then was Puimoisson where Jim takes care of a property and gets to harvest the olives. Again, despite some very promising branches the total was disappointing.

We took the nicest looking olives and cured them in brine so if all goes well we will have some delicious olives to eat this summer.

The rest we gave to friends to take to the mill and in return received a very small amount of oil but hopefully enough until next December. Unfortunately this means we have no oil to sell to our guests and friends this year, again...

Once the olive harvest is over winter begins...

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