RECIPES - lavender custard


Lavender - what a lovely flower! And so versatile: everybody loves the scent of lavender essential oil, be it in cosmetics or as a room scent. But how about adding it to a dessert?

Unknown to many this culinary experience is a delight to be savored! Only one drop of this oil which comes from the fields around La Vudèle - très local -  is needed for one liter of milk as too much can be overpowering. We use
* 1 liter organic oat milk which is slightly sweet and has a creamy texture
* add a tiny bit of organic cane sugar (roughly half a cup or less)
* 5 tablespoons of organic cornstarch
* a small turn of the salt mill
et voilà, a delicious lavender custard is the amazing result!

For our guests we prepare table d'hôtes or hosts' dinner which is the moment to share memories, swap stories and - of course - consume a delicious home-cooked meal. We prepare everything fresh, with regional and seasonal products from the market in Riez, from one of the four producers of organic fruit and vegetables: what they don't sell we don't use... or buy elsewhere. (Some exceptions are citrus fruits and bananas)


Vegetarian and mostly vegan our guests enjoy the concoctions Claudia creates but never ask her for her recipe: there are none, just lots of ideas put into the pots and pans.

Bon appetit!

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