welcome to "organic living in the Provence"

This space was created with the idea to set up a place for all things and ideas organic in the beautiful Provence (food, restaurants, life style, etc). It all started on a Sunday afternoon in January, with the idea to test the restaurants in the area around Entrecasteaux (Var/83) for their organic and - most importantly - vegetarian dishes. So watch this space as we continue on our epicurean tour of the area, recommending restaurants, stores, etc.

The intention of this blog is non-commercial, non-profitable and 100% enjoyment. Completely biased by our own tastes, of course.

Our first recommendation is going to be a restaurant in Cotignac which we visited during a power outage in Entrecasteaux (8km away). We remember it being rather creative with its vegetarian and non-vegetarian choices so we will be back there soon to give you all an update and the low-down on the dishes.

Sunny greetings from the Provence,

Claudia & Jim