YOGA - 6-day yoga retreat: LAVENDER in bloom

For 2015 we not only offer the usual weekend retreats in May and September but also a 6-day/5-night yoga week in June! We chose this date to offer our yoginis the unique opportunity to experience the fantastic sight and scent of lavender in bloom, usually from the middle of June until the end of July

Join us for this June yoga retreat as this is the best time to visit Provence: the famous lavender fields are in bloom! We will take our yoga practice to the lavender fields and enjoy the scent and color of this wonderful flower.

Discover the key elements of Hatha yoga with elements of Iyengar yoga, enriched by meditation and relaxation, adapted to all levels. The program offers a holistic time where you cantake care of yourself from the inside through yoga practice, delicious organic vegetarian food, meditation, and free time to explore and relax.


EXTRA: Thursday morning yoga

greeting the sun

Last year I started offering a morning yoga class but with a twist: outdoors, under the mulberry tree in our garden or in the open air, with views across lavender fields and the mountains - what a magical experience! And because everyone enjoyed it so much I will offer it again this year!

Starting the first Thursday in June we will meet for this 10 o'clock class under the blue sky of Provence. Everybody is invited to join, from complete novice to regular practitioner as hatha with Iyengar influences is ideal for adapting to everyone's needs. Mats are provided, nothing else required.

The session takes about 1.5 hours followed by a cup of calming tea, at € 10 per person.

Join Claudia for an outdoor practice with Yoga & Nature:
* greet the sun with your morning "sun salutation"
* enjoy the serenity of our bird sanctuary during your practice
* indulge in a
yoga practice facing Mont Denier right in front of you for "mountain pose"

ACTIVITIES - spring gardening in Provence

Spring is the best time of year: the sun is strong, the doors and windows stay open all day, the birds start their morning concert earlier and earlier, the animal world has come out of hibernation, and the flora is every changing, with new blossoms appearing every day!

Jim's nod to his Dutch heritage

RECIPES - lavender custard


Lavender - what a lovely flower! And so versatile: everybody loves the scent of lavender essential oil, be it in cosmetics or as a room scent. But how about adding it to a dessert?

Unknown to many this culinary experience is a delight to be savored! Only one drop of this oil which comes from the fields around La Vudèle - très local -  is needed for one liter of milk as too much can be overpowering. We use
* 1 liter organic oat milk which is slightly sweet and has a creamy texture
* add a tiny bit of organic cane sugar (roughly half a cup or less)
* 5 tablespoons of organic cornstarch
* a small turn of the salt mill
et voilà, a delicious lavender custard is the amazing result!

For our guests we prepare table d'hôtes or hosts' dinner which is the moment to share memories, swap stories and - of course - consume a delicious home-cooked meal. We prepare everything fresh, with regional and seasonal products from the market in Riez, from one of the four producers of organic fruit and vegetables: what they don't sell we don't use... or buy elsewhere. (Some exceptions are citrus fruits and bananas)


Vegetarian and mostly vegan our guests enjoy the concoctions Claudia creates but never ask her for her recipe: there are none, just lots of ideas put into the pots and pans.

Bon appetit!