YOGA - the yoga shala

Yoga & Nature is about enjoying the outdoors of beautiful Provence for our yoga, to integrate nature's beauty, the fresh air, the blue sky, the flowers and - of course - lavender all around us.
~ tadasana - mountain pose - gets a new meaning when we look onto nearby Montdenier, at a majestic 1905 m altitude, and use its immobility and stillness to calm our body and mind
~ during pranayamas we inhale the clean fresh morning air
~ balancing poses like eagle or Vrksasana / tree whilst gazing across lavender fields.
This is Yoga & Nature en Provence...

But sometimes nautre needs a break, and this is when we can use a gorgeous indoor space - the shala - as our practice and mediation space. Part of the oldest section of La Vudèle this room is equipped with large windows to let in the light of Provence and a cast iron
wood-fired stove to warm us.

A beautiful serene space to come together and unwind, to share a practice. This is a peaceful sanctuary. A breathing space. A place for meditation.

Bienvenue et namasté

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