LIFE AT LA VUDELE - organic wine of Quinson


Le Parc du Verdon in which Quinson and hence La Vudèle is located recently celebrated 10 years of activity with a big bash in Quinson, at le jardin public. Marquees were set up, stands prepared, stalls erected. Local producers carrying the label "Parc du Verdon" like Felicia our honey supplier got ready to sell their locally produced food. Throughout the day, a gorgeous Sunday, all kinds of activities and workshops were offered, one of which was the traditional way of harvesting grapes. At this occassion Jim was interviewed, right next to La Vudèle, during a workshop on harvesting the organically grown grapes of the wine of Quinson!

On this day the organic wine of Quinson which grows right behind La Vudèle received the label "Parc du Verdon"

The wines called "Terroir de Quintius" and "Azur" are grown according to the rules of the IGP (indication géographique protégée) by our neighbors Joel, Eric and Thimotée. And as a matter of fact Jim and Claudia gave the Quintius wine its name! Ask us about that story next time you visit us!

In this video we see the grandchildren of one of the owners of La Vudèle being interviewed on their experience of the manual grape harvest, and at 00:25 you can see Jim as he talks about living next to the vines which make the delicious wines of Quinson,

Santé, tchin-tchin and prost!

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