the summer garden season has begun

Life and its summery joys

What a joy it is to eat the first tomato from our own garden! OK, they are small cherry tomatoes but nevertheless are we very proud of our result!

And the zucchini are also waiting in line to be harvested where 'waiting in line' may not be the right word as they tend to be ripe around the same time.

My test run with the summer garden behind the house, to see if roquette and lettuce will not bolt so quickly, is going well; roquette has already blossomed so I guess it's too warm and sunny there, as well.

The fields of wheat in front of and behind our house have just been harvested, leaving the fields with big rolls of hay - a pretty sight.

The lavender is now in full bloom, and we get a whiff of the enchanting scent wafting past our door is simply sensational!

And so each season has its charme, with summer being the best one!

Happy summer months to everyone!

from Claudia & Jim