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We believe in sharing because not only is sharing caring but we also believe that a mind can only expand when it can exchange and hence learn new things. So here are some of the online resources we use when looking for advice, ideas, information, reviews, etc. There are also links which have been given to us by our guests so that the exchange has already started - fantastic!

* onegreenplanet.org vegan recipes and animal-rights issues

* care2.com ideas on green living and highly effective petitions for human and animal rights

v e g a n D a d great vegan recipes, ideas and well-written

and a recommendation from our guest Solli from Paris who has her own beautiful blog:
* ohsheglows.com vegan recipes and tipps

Another recommendation from a German guest, Nicole, from her local animal rescue shelter, in cooperation with the first vegetarian restaurant in Germany
* Das Hiller in Hannover, established 1955, and since 2012 vegan

Yes, there is a lot of focus on food and eating but there are also other areas in our lives which are important. Well, not many but we try to achieve a balance...

* airbnb.com the most amazing and best booking platform out there and which brings us lots of nice and interesting guests every year

* Mondkalender for gardening according to the natural rhythm of the moon

* meteo60.fr the most exact weather forecast, sometimes compared with meteociel.com for the better forecast ;-)

* mappy.fr just to be on the safe side

 Bon appetit & happy discovering!

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