RECIPES - ratatouille

La Ratatouille - quintessentially Provençal

Ratatouille is as Provençal as lavender and its blue sky above. It simply combines all the delicious vegetables which are ripe in the summer, allowing for the full flavor to develop by letting it simmer for almost two hours. Best served in the pot, along with some fresh country bread: in Provence bread is eaten along the main course and to soak up the sauce on the plate.
serves 4 - 6

Use a heavy cast-iron pot like Le Creusset, with fitting lid to trap the vapor during cooking

500g potatoes
5 medium-sized carrots
1 red or yellow large onion
2 large courgettes
200g string beans
3 medium-sized or 5 small tomatoes, ripe and juicy
4 cloves of garlic
5 sprigs of thyme or 1 full teaspoon dried
fresh bread or baguette  or lightly toasted in a pan

Fry onions and garlic first, then add all vegetables chopped in bite-sized pieces and layer them according to the list of ingredients above, with the hardest vegetable on the bottom. Add some water if necessary or possibly some white wine. Allow to cook covered on gas mark 2 for 1 hour, then reduce to gas mark 1 for another 45 minutes. Stir only occasionally and very gently.
Serve with fresh bread
and enjoy

 * Bon appétit *

LIFE AT LA VUDELE - merci beaucoup & thank you

This year we are seeing back quite a few of last year's guests - thank you so much to everyone who chose to return and who appreciates the work and effort - along with love and care - into our work!

Some of them are staying even longer than last year, a sign that what we offer here at La Vudèle is what our guests want and need. And all enquiring about our two cats right away! We have friends of returning guests and relatives of guests - simply wonderful!

We also have guests who are staying nearby but who come to pay us a visit, over tea and a game of table fussball, or who we meet up with at the market in Riez! One couple came for another yoga & vegan cooking retreat, wow! And this is only until the middle of July - amazing

merci beaucoup
  Thank you &
merci beaucoup
all you lovely people
for your kindness
respect &

Jim & Claudia
Mimie & Mia

YOGA - outdoor yoga

Go ahead, take your yoga practice outdoors this summer! It will totally change your perspective, your practice and your appreciation of nature. And get you in touch with what's around you.
Nature's abundance offers us plenty of opportunity to enjoy what can be found all around, no matter where we are.

lavender fields around La Vudèle

cooling shade behind La Vudèle

sun salutation facing the sunflower field

For inspiration on where to take your mat try this web site

If you live in a bigger city you can always find yoga on meetup.com or other social web sites which help connect with like-minded yogis.

Happy summer

EXTRA - yoga & vegan cooking weekend

For the last time before the summer, the weekend of 1. - 3. July, we held a yoga & vegan cooking weekend, with wonderful participants from Chicago! The lavender fields were in full bloom as was the sunflower field behind La Vudèle, and we enjoyed taking our yoga practice outdoors surrounded by this beautiful scent! During this retreat we explored and created vegan Provencal dishes using the freshest seasonal ingredients, the first tomato of the season, and enjoyed our dinners al fresco under the blue sky of Provence!

 A holistic time, where our participants took care of themselves from the inside, through
* mindful yoga practice
* delicious organic vegan food
* followed their personal yoga & meditation practice
* had time to explore the area
* and time to enjoy an in-depth practice, yoga philosophy, spirituality. The focus was not only on various asanas but on advancing on the path of yoga

goodie bag with apron, cook book, salt, eye mask and yoga tea

Equipped with the Yoga & Nature goodie bag which is filled with
* yoga & nature apron
* yoga & nature cookbook
* yoga & nature herbes de Provence salt
* eye mask
* herbal yoga tea

all presented in a typical Provencal basket
we set off on our vegan cooking journey Saturday afternoon. In the morning we had visited the fantastic farmers' market in Riez to purchase organic fresh produce, from carrots to onions, yellow and green zucchini to the first tomato of the season!

making chocolate tofu mousse

The recipe for this delicious dessert can be found in our yoga & nature cookbook which is also available in our boutique

grilled caviar d'aubergine

tips & tricks from Claudia for Anastasia

chopping away for the "hussimussi"
The menu consisted of
* gratte ail or grated garlic, with our own organic olive oil and fresh baguette
* caviar d'aubergine
* grilled tofu with couscous and vegetable medley
* chocolate mint ice cream (the recipe)
* lavender custard (the recipe )
accompanied by local wine of Quinson and a game of table foosball

It was a lovely experience to be cooking with Tracey and Anastasia who added their own ideas and experiences, and the resulting meal - prepared with love - was simply divine! As we were seated outdoors next to the field of sunflowers the sun was setting, casting a lovely gentle light over the field: a perfect setting!

For our yoga practice early in the morning and in the afternoon we searched and found shade behind La Vudèle, surrounded by sunflowers, vines and of course lavender!
relaxing afternoon Yin yoga practice

final meditation in reclined butterfly pose
Upon their departure Tracey and Anastasia added their personal well-wishes to our line of Tibetan prayer flags, leaving a piece of personal memory at La Vudèle

our guests Tracey & Anastasia
Thank you so much, you two, for having chosen Yoga & Nature in Quinson for your mother/daughter weekend! It was truly a pleasure and honor to meet you two beautiful people and share this time with you! May your onward journey around France this summer be as colorful and delightful. Namasté.

And our next and final date for 2016 will be the third weekend in September:

Friday, 16. - Sunday, 18. September 2016
We already have one confirmed reservation so there are now only 4 spots left! On our web site is more information regarding a tentative schedule, photos, prices or email us 

Hope to see you here
in late summer!