YOGA - calming winter asanas

Winter is the time of year where our body slows down, naturally. There is less daylight, the temperatures drop, nature has fallen into its slumber, to gather energy and strength for the warmer and lighter months.
Nevertheless we can take our yoga practice outside, enjoy the sights and sounds of snow falling or melting in the sun, the chirping of the birds as they are looking for food and shelter, and enjoy the rays of sunshine as

EXTRA - yoga retreats 2015

* yoga retreats 15.-17. May * 21.-26. June * 11. - 13. September *
For 2015 we not only offer the usual weekend retreats in May and September but also a 6-day/5-night yoga week in June! We chose this date to offer our yoginis the unique opportunity to experience the fantastic sight and scent of lavender in bloom, usually from the middle of June until the end of July

A holistic time, where we take care of ourselves from the inside, be it through
* yoga practice
* delicious organic vegetarian food: seasonal, fresh, Provencal with an international touch
* meditation
* time to explore and relax, take a typical Provencal afternoon siesta, swim in a lake, go for a walk
* time to enjoy an in-depth practice, yoga philosophy, spirituality. Focus will not only be on various asanas but on advancing on the path of yoga
* mats & material will be provided


RECIPES - winter ratatouille with couscous

La Ratatouille is as typical Provencal as lavender and the blue sky. It is the quintessential summer dish, of using what's in season, in the garden, at the farmers' market, and creating a delicious slow-cooked blend of flavors. And naturally vegan!
The same principle can be used to make a winter ratatouille: using vegetables which are in season now, and making a delightful and colorful stew, warming and nourishing. Taking in what nature offers us and loading up on vitamins A & C and essential fatty acids before the difficult time of year begins, March and April, where nature has shut down for the winter and spring has not really arrived with the new year's crop.


LIFE AT LA VUDELE - Heckmeck & games

Visitors ask what we do in the winter when the guest season is over, the olive harvest has been brought in, the hours of sunshine are becoming less. Living in the countryside is a lifestyle choice we selected for ourselves, and it suits us perfectly! So what do we do during the not-so-long winter months, between lunch in the garden and starting the vegetable garden? We play Heckmeck.

http://www.organicprovence.com A quick and fast-paced game, at least that's how we play it: we play several times a day! The goal is to gather as many points as possible but we do not (really) keep track of the total score. For those who have been to La Vudèle you may have seen the little beige stones with strange markings plus the 8 dices which roll constantly at our house!