YOGA - World Yoga Day '15

 Every year in late winter World Yoga Day, now in its 7th year, takes place allover the world. This year on 22nd February, on a Sunday morning, between 11h and 13h, yogis everywhere came together to celebrate this special moment, united spiritually and connected through yoga.

 A donation-based project every year a different cause benefits from the contributions of each yogi, be it monetary or idealistic. This year it is the TARA project which provides funding to a deprived part of Africa, enabling children to attend school and better the lives of themselves and their families. Originating in Austria World Yoga Day has spread throughout the world, as you can see on this list of participating yoga studios, from Argentina to Malaysia and Venezuela
 Last year I was on Corsica through helpx.net, a fantastic opportunity to stay with locals and exchange ideas, services, thoughts, and spent the actual World Yoga Day time at the most amazing beach, Santa Giulia

a tropical beach with the feel of New Caledonia (my personal impression; never been there...). In the winter this place is pretty much deserted, all restaurants and bars closed, jet skis and yachts gone so I had the place to myself but was happy to share with some dogs and their walkers.


I then continued to Bonifacio to take the ferry to Sardinia, for another wonderful experience through helpx.net

This year I spent pursuing Svadhyaya (self study), one of the five niyama of personal observance in a beautiful spot called La Vudèle in Quinson, Provence... 

With great thanks to the initiators and supporters of World Yoga Day!

enjoy your yoga!

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