meat-free day March 14th 2009

Official opening of the outdoor season

Saturday, March 14, 2009
83670 Entrecasteaux (Var)

@ Jim's place

It's the time of year again: we are gearing up for the outdoor season in the Provence! To celebrate in style we are arranging a party for everyone who wants to join us. It is also Jim's birthday on the 13th, the day before, so he will be wearing his party hat. Come and bring your friends, we will be there all afternoon!

As it is also meat-free day (Journee Sans Viande) we will have lots of delicious meals and snack, all accompanied by the local rosé, le cave de L'Amiral. And if you would like to contribute to the cause feel free to drop a contribution into 'the hat'; we will forward it to the meat-free organization.

Sunny greetings from the Provence,

Claudia & Jim


Amsterdam, Ankara Restaurant, downtown

On February 15 we went to this gem of a restaurant, Ankara Restaurant, near the Centraal train station in Amsterdam. After a quick glance at the menu we decided to try it as there were many vegetarian options, especially as starters.

We had a mezze platter with
- very delicious hummus (humuz), mashed chick peas with sesame oil, herbs and olive oil
- Cacik, a yogurt dip with cucumber, dill and garlic - very refreshing
- eggplant with tomato and yogurt (Patlican tava)

Then a mixed salad as main course for me, which was nicely arranged, no dressing and very fresh! Jim had xxxxxxxx
Accompanied by a very delicious white Bordeaux ( a true find for us, as we are only familiar with red Bordeaux) - this was the house wine!

Very easy to find, on the main road leading from the Centraal station, opposite the Crowne Plaza hotel.

Restaurant Ankara
Nieuwezijds voorburgwal 16, Amsterdam
tel: +31 (0) 20 - 6236110

As for vegetarians we feel that Turkish cuisine, and especially at this restaurant, is a true delight!

Restaurants in Aix-en-Provence with vegetarian menus

Restaurants in Aix-en-Provence
with vegetarian menus
* La Boca Loca, Rue de la Couronne
* Le Petit Resto,
Place des Tanneurs
* The Provence Shop, 22 Rue Victor Leydet

La Boca Loca Mexican take-out

Vegetarian burritos in Aix-en-Provence!
This little take-out place near La Rotonde has fantastic burritos, tacos, quesadillas, etc., with vegetarian ones on the menu! Everything is made fresh and in front of you so it's easy to ask for changes.

On Rue de la Couronne, at the corner of Rue des Bernardines, La Boca Loca offers delicious Mexican food. Quiero un burrito, por favor!

Le Petit Resto, Place des Tanneurs Formerly "La Cantine Végétarienne" this small lunch place serves delicious vegetarian and some vegan buffet fare or meals

The Provence Shop, 22 Rue Victor Leydet
A charming modern bistro/restaurant owned and run by a very international husband-and-wife team. Try their vegetarian chickpea burger an real hand-cut fries.

Happy eating at these restaurants. If you are going to try it we would appreciate a comment on this blog.

Claudia and Jim, happy in Provence


The Honest Restaurant Guide (THRG) - our guiding principles

What we are aiming to do and accomplish with The Honest Restaurant Guide (THRG)

In our personal search for organic and vegetarian food in the Provence we will source restaurants, shops, etc. which offer such things. Here are our guidelines for restaurants:

1) Vegetarian and meat/fish (for couples like us where one eats meat)
2) Bio/organic sourced locally. (stores - ferme produce – producers)

Ways to act:

1) look for restaurant beforehand, ie. make list

2) at restaurant: check for vegetarian options

3) take photo, of restaurant and of the meals

4) ask for origin of produce

5) look at presentation, preparation, cleanliness of dishes etc and establishment

6) blog: format

7) write letter to restaurant mentioning blog

8, give restaurant to comment via email or letter

9, add feedback to blog

In our research for restaurants (without weighing any judgment) we came up with the following list:

St Julien le Montaignier

La machoto (sur reservation), cater for vegetarians


La Fontaine d’ampus



La Roche Aiguille


Les Arcs

Le Bacchus Gourmand




Le Provencal



Le pont d’or

La Cigale

Le Resto

Des trios Fontaines


La Guinguette du Lac

La Cabro d’or

Le Pressoir

L’oie qui boit - please refer to our June 3 entry: bio 'vin de pays'


La table de la Fontaine

La Terrasse

Le Clos des Vignes

Les tyrois Marches

Du Cours


Chez Jean Paul

La vieille bastide

La Fleur de Thym

La salle a manger (Dutch owner)

Le Cigalon


Fox Amphoux

Auberge du vieux Fox

Chez Jean

We will keep you posted on our visits to these and other establishments.

Sunny greetings from the Provence,

Claudia & Jim