RECIPES - VeganOK in Italy

During our last visit of Italy, the Cinque Terre in September, we came across a very small ice cream shop in Chiavari promoting vegan ice cream and brandishing the label veganok.com. An Italian initiative to easily identify vegan products it is the first ethical certification process for vegan products from Italy.

At the ice cream shop on the main street under arches in Chiavari, a rather unassuming town when passing by but really pretty and charming once explored. We tried 4 different flavors which were all super delicious, like Fior di Latte, chocolate with hazelnuts, a mango fruit sorbet and a vanilla cherry swirl.

We were helped by a lovely lady who explained the concept of veganOK to us, with lots of pride which goes into their products. Everything is made fresh on the premises, every ingredient is listed, with some sounding very interesting and tasting very yummy! 

Next time you are in this part of Italy why not stop at Gelateria Artiginale Toca Nò per Sopra,
Via Vittorio Veneto, 10 in Chiavari

Not only will you discover that vegan ice cream is super delicious, you may also discover that it's easier to digest and hence you can eat more!

Buon appetito!

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