YOGA - World Yoga Day '16

http://www.world-yoga-day.org/cms/index.phpEvery year on the third Sunday in February World Yoga Day -  now in its 8th year - takes place allover the world. This year on 21nd February between 10h and 12h yogis everywhere came together to celebrate this special moment, united spiritually and connected through yoga.

A donation-based project every year a different cause benefits from the contributions of each yogi, be it monetary or idealistic. This year it is for Borderline-Europe

50.000 participants in Ahmedabad/India
"Borderline-Europe is a non-governmental organization which aims to raise attention to the tragedies at Europe’s borders: In the wake of the European politics of shielding, hundreds of people die every month in the Mediterranean Sea. We counter the authorities’ cover-up attempts with in-depth research at Europe’s frontier regions as well as create a public awareness based on reliable information and facts of the deadly consequences of present migration policy. Therefore we produce reports on issues such as human trafficking, human rights and refugee camps in Italy, Cyprus and Greece. Another important element of our work includes the support of humanitarian aid at the borders and the formation of a worldwide network. All in all borderline-europe avows for freedom of movement for everybody!"

With great thanks to the initiators and supporters of World Yoga Day!

enjoy your yoga!

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