RECIPES - a vegan Christmas

Winter offers a cornucopia full of delicious fruits and vegetables, and accentuated by legumes, nuts, grains and essential oils we can make use of these fantastic ingredients. Why not incorporate that into a vegetarian holiday dinner?

As we promote a vegetarian and almost vegan lifestyle here at La Vudèle we would like to give you some ideas for the holiday table. When busy cooking for our guests at our table d'hôtes we tend to forget to take photos of our creations... Fortunately our guest Solli from Sweden/Paris took some during her stay in June and posted the recipes on her blog; these dishes work really well for a fancy dinner with friends and family and are all animal cruelty-free.

The starter: a warming flageolet bean soup with freshly sprouted alfalfa
 warming flageolet bean soup

The main course: slow-cooked risotto with freshly cracked linseeds
 risotto with

The dessert (to be dressed up with sparkle and glitter, of course!): lavender custard with cranberries

For more ideas, inspirational photos and actual recipes visit Andrew Olsen http://www.oneingredientchef.com/vegan-thanksgiving-recipes/

Winter greens abound, with Swiss chard popping up everywhere in our vegetable garden, next to the compost or simply in the middle of the lawn (where previously we had had our veggie patch; just keeps growing!). Try a Swiss chard pesto over pasta - absolutely gorgeous!

Enjoy your home-cooked meals
and thank you for thinking of the animals that did not
have to suffer and were not killed for this meal!

Jim & Claudia

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