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C'etrange  natural  soap
The signature C'etrange natural soap - free with every purchase in December and January 2015 

Produced here at La Vudèle by Claudia and Jim many of our guests and visitors have already tried this line of all natural cosmetics, never tested on animals, only on and by Jim ;-)

Listed below please find the complete list of ingredients according to INCI laws (complete declaration of ingredients in Latin). We added the English translation to make it easier for our customers to read and understand the labels. Because we want you to know what is in our products: 100% pure, 100% natural

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ingredients INCI: aqua - pure spring water+, olea Europaea - olive oil+, helianthus annus - sunflower oil*, cocos nucifera - coconut oil+, cera alba - beeswax+ and essential oils  depending on the scent composition

* Divine Lavender with the mesmerizing scent of Provence
* English Rose the queen of flowers
* Terre de Provence with the fresh scent of Provence, rosemary and cypress
* Pure Nature
with extra olive oil, without essential oils
* certified by AB Agriculture Biologique, France's national logo for organic products since 1985. Organic products carrying the logo must contain more than 95 percent organic components, and be produced or processed within the EU
° certified by ECOCERT, certification body for sustainability
+ natural ingredient

* exclusively handmade
* 100% natural ingredients
* perfect for allergy sufferers
* free of chemicals and additives
* free of artificial coloring
* tested by friendly people


We are also offering our fantastic English Rose face balm at 30% off in December and January, plus of course a free bar of soap! Visit www.cetrange.com and receive this fantastic product, enriched by extra shea butter, for € 13.30 instead of € 19.

Wonderfully moisturizing skin balm for dry and mature skin, with the nourishing properties of shea butter, avocado oil, with the precious properties of rose oil
* skin type: normal, dry & mature
* benefit: moisturizing, nourishing

This face balm is ideal as a night cream but in the colder months and for dry skin also works well as a day cream. Customers with psoriasis and dermatitis have all exclaimed the almost immediate improvement of their long-lasting skin conditions which makes us not only very proud of the positive results of the natural ingredients chosen for these products but also extremely happy for these people!

Since 2001 C'etrange creates exclusively handcrafted, all-natural products based on the positive benefits of aromatherapy. All products are made by hand using only the purest ingredients: the most natural plant oils and the purest essential oils. All products are perfect for vegetarians and lovers of all things natural.

* Since 2004 all C'etrange products are certified as cruelty-free by the Deutsche Tierschutzbund e.V.
* Member of Veg'Asso and OneVoice

moments of sheer purity . . Schöne Dinge für die Sinne . . un instant de bonheur . .

moments of sheer purity . . Schöne Dinge für die Sinne . . un instant de bonheur . .

moments of sheer purity . . Schöne Dinge für die Sinne . . un instant de bonheur . .


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