LIFE AT LA VUDELE - Heckmeck & games

Visitors ask what we do in the winter when the guest season is over, the olive harvest has been brought in, the hours of sunshine are becoming less. Living in the countryside is a lifestyle choice we selected for ourselves, and it suits us perfectly! So what do we do during the not-so-long winter months, between lunch in the garden and starting the vegetable garden? We play Heckmeck.

http://www.organicprovence.com A quick and fast-paced game, at least that's how we play it: we play several times a day! The goal is to gather as many points as possible but we do not (really) keep track of the total score. For those who have been to La Vudèle you may have seen the little beige stones with strange markings plus the 8 dices which roll constantly at our house!

We were told there are Heckmeck world championships in Germany! Far from taking this game that seriously we have, however, searched for an app (to no avail) or a way to play it remotely via a network...

A game which trains the brain, helps with addition and multiplication, and adds some fun to the times we get together for a cup of tea. Or with friends who we also have gotten hooked...

Happy Heckmeck-ing!

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