ACTIVITIES - a unique walk in the lower gorge of Quinson

following the ancient canal of Provence
Since June of 2014 and after extensive renovations the foot path -  unique in the gorge du Verdon - is open to the public again, and a "must-do" when visiting Quinson! 

An easy walk for everybody this path  takes you along the river Verdon, and into the actual gorge: spectacular, beautiful, calming! Dotted with several view points and rest stops to take a break and enjoy the view - like three huge tree stumps serving as seats - this path takes you along the ancient canal of Provence, a previously very important waterway in this arid region: canal to the left, river on the right, and you in the middle - simply awesome

The short route is an easy 30 minutes to the restored canal guard's hut and very flat. From here one can return via the same way or continue through a short tunnel to walk a 3-hour circuit, either via the chapel Sainte Maxime or the wide tranquil path, to the top of the plateau, with splendid views across the landscape all the way to the mountains standing at almost 2000m and the "big" gorge near Moustiers-Sainte-Marie.

walking IN the gorge
What makes this walk even more special is the fact that it can be reached leaving directly from La Vudèle: a leisurely 45-minute descent to Quinson, a stroll through the village and along its 8 fountains et voilà, the trail head for the gorge! 

Of course there is always the alternative of exploring the river by boat, be it canoe, kayak, pedal boat or electric boat

Happy walking in Quinson!

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