LIFE AT LA VUDELE - fall gardening: the lasagna bed

lasagna bed in fall
As we are easing into fall - also here in Provence - it is time to get our outdoor affairs in order. For us that means not only our garden with fig, plum and cheery trees but also, and possibly most importantly, our vegetable garden, le potager

For those of you interested in gardening you may have heard the term "lasagna bed" or "lasagna gardening" during your visit here at La Vudèle. A strong believer of natural living within the rhythm of time and nature we employ the methods of permaculture in our vegetable garden. Aided by rainwater harvesting in the bassin right next to our veggie patch using a small bucket on a rope and Claudia's muscle power; companion planting to use the benefits of each plant without disturbing the eco balance; and crop rotation planting. Plus leaving "weeds" in bloom for the many bees, wasps and other busy insects to nourish themselves from so that the eco system can live and thrive.
Provencal sky in October
So in October and November we have been busy preparing the vegetable beds by layering nitrogen, ie. brown leaves with carbon, like green leaves, and compost material which we add all winter long. This is a method we have been using for the third season now, with amazing results! And all under the blue sky of Provence - simply perfect!
With the aid of this layering method called "lasagna gardening" we have been able to greatly improve the soil of our vegetable garden, which had not seen any production since tante Louise, the great-great aunt of our neighbor and original owner of La Vudèle used it, many many decades ago.

 Whatever is in season we share with our guests during our meals or table d'hôtes, be it freshly harvested string beans, courgettes, various leafy greens, tiny tasty melons and lately various types of pumpkins. Very delicious!

Bon appetit!

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