spring gardening in the Provence

It is the end of April, and everybody is waiting for summer to arrive. Nature decided to skip spring altogether, it seems: rain, rain, rain! This has caused all kinds of green plants to grow in Jim's garden so that we needed to get busy and clear the area of some unwanted ones. Yes, there is no such thing as 'mauvaise herbe', the famous weeds. But nevertheless we decided to rid the garden of some which didn't need to be there.

In searching for gardening gloves I came across the usual ones, full calf leather, with all kinds of qualities any gardener could want: long-lasting, washable, stretchable. But what about finding some that don't use leather?

Inspired by my internet search for something natural, I even came across hemp gloves. But where to find them?

In my quick search in Aix-en-Provence I discovered a very pretty pair of slim gloves, ideal for weeding, at Bricorama! Made from an elastic material, they are ideal for the small plants and didn't involve the slaughtering of any animals!

So if you are going to do some gardening this spring, please consider the animals!

As you can see there is no need for chemicals when gentle human hands can have the same effect!

All the best from the
(sometimes) sunny Provence,
Claudia & Jim

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