meat-free day March 14th 2009

Official opening of the outdoor season

Saturday, March 14, 2009
83670 Entrecasteaux (Var)

@ Jim's place

It's the time of year again: we are gearing up for the outdoor season in the Provence! To celebrate in style we are arranging a party for everyone who wants to join us. It is also Jim's birthday on the 13th, the day before, so he will be wearing his party hat. Come and bring your friends, we will be there all afternoon!

As it is also meat-free day (Journee Sans Viande) we will have lots of delicious meals and snack, all accompanied by the local rosé, le cave de L'Amiral. And if you would like to contribute to the cause feel free to drop a contribution into 'the hat'; we will forward it to the meat-free organization.

Sunny greetings from the Provence,

Claudia & Jim

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