ACTIVITIES - olive picking, slim pickings

Every year we wait until the beginning of December to bring in the harvest of a whole year's worth of olives, anxiously waiting and hoping... 

Last year's harvest was 0 due to the wet weather at the wrong time of year, and the year before the outcome had also not been too great. So this year it was with great anticipation that we descended onto our olive grove of 3 hectars, on the outskirts of Quinson and between La Vudèle and the village. Thanks to our care, proper trimming and - I swear - me talking to the trees some of them have grown to a considerable size worthy the name "tree"! However, the harvest was a bit meager and disappointing so we were finished rather quickly.

We then returned to La Vudèle to pick the four trees in the garden, and despite the fact that some branches had masses of olives on them, as compared to previous years - the amount was also not something to write home about.

Our last hope then was Puimoisson where Jim takes care of a property and gets to harvest the olives. Again, despite some very promising branches the total was disappointing.

We took the nicest looking olives and cured them in brine so if all goes well we will have some delicious olives to eat this summer.

The rest we gave to friends to take to the mill and in return received a very small amount of oil but hopefully enough until next December. Unfortunately this means we have no oil to sell to our guests and friends this year, again...

Once the olive harvest is over winter begins...

YOGA - x-mas yoga

To celebrate this wonderful time of year and
find inner peace come together at
yoga shala at La Vudèle for

x-mas YOGA

hatha, Iyengar, meditation
calmING & relaxing


  Friday, 18.12., 10h
Wednesday, 23.12., 17h
Wednesday, 30.12., 17h

Saturday, 02.01., 17h

after each session we share a cup of warming Zen tea
1.5 hours ~ € 10 ~ mats provided
for beginners, regular practitioners and non-yogis
drop-in class, no reservation required

*** wishing you light, prosperity & happiness ***

EXTRA - Solli's blog

MEET THE EDITOROne of our first returning guests, Solli, a Swedish young woman now living in Paris writes about her life and travels on her blog, a blog about Paris Life, Food, Fashion & Travel. She writes about food, especially anything to do with sweets, cakes or chocolate, her passion for exploring and traveling, and about glamorous fashion in Paris. But not only that, she is also a very talented photographer, and some of the photos on our web site are from her visits!

We really enjoy reading her blog, and we enjoy her visits here even more! The first time last year she was just a bit too late to see the lavender fields in bloom but this year she managed to come down for a long weekend during the height of the lavender season, and Claudia took her to the local lavender distillery, for a whiff of this precious oil. Solli got up very early one morning, to catch the precious soft morning light above the lavender fields

Solli wrote beautifully and took fantastic photos of her dinners with us, table d'hôtes, and her enthusiasm of food, organic local ingredients, tastes and flavors gave inspiration to some very delicious dishes beautifully captured by her and her camera. In the morning our copious breakfast with freshly baked sourdough bread was also beautifully captured on film; notice her perfectly manicured hand in the photos, isn't that a pretty, personal touch?

We are very much looking forward to Solli's next visit!

LIFE AT LA VUDELE - cooking with devotion

Good food requires more than top-notch ingredients and creative recipes - it's the compassion, intention, and energy of those in the kitchen that make a meal fulfilling. 

Cultivating a selfless intention, committing to recognizing the Divine in those you're feeding, and cooking joyfully without expectation of recognition will improve your awareness as well as your food. For the yogic cook, integrating mindfulness and love only deepens a cooking experience and, according to some, enhances the quality and flavor of the food itself. 

Inspired by the success in running our yoga retreats for several years now and on the positive comments we received from our guests dining with us at our table d'hôtes we decided to combine our two passions, yoga & cooking. 

For 2016  we offer 3 dates for yoga & organic vegan cooking weekends:
20. - 22. May
1. - 3. July
16. - 18. September
program for the yoga & organic vegan cooking weekends (May, July & September)
 arrival after 15h and installation in your rooms
16h workshop on healthy, clean, organic vegan cooking and introduction of the weekend's menu and activities and handing out of the La Vudèle goodie bag
19h classic Provencal apéritif dinatoire: a relaxed sit-down dinner with several different dishes prepared by your hosts, to explore the flavors and aromas of Provence
Saturday7.30 energizing morning yoga practice outside in nature, to get Prana flowing and stimulate digestion
9h our copious organic vegan breakfast with sourdough bread
10h visit of the local farmers' market in Riez with guide to our organic producers. We will purchase the ingredients for the delicious meal for dinner
afterwards free time to explore the area, the lavender fields, the gorge du Verdon and its lakes, etc
16h cooking course and preparation of our dinner:
Cooking with the fresh ingredients from our own vegetable garden and purchased at the market in the morning.
Practice of mindfulness, kindness & ahimsa, nonviolence, one of the yamas of yoga.
Awareness meditation: the love we place into the preparation is the love which nourishes us
19h gala dinner presenting the bounty of our cooking experience accompanied by wine tasting of local organic wines from Quinson, some cultivated right behind La Vudèle
Sunday 7.30 energizing morning yoga practice outside in nature
9h our copious organic vegan breakfast|
followed by a workshop on ideas for a healthy vegan breakfast and a certificate of your participation of this workshop
afterwards departure or possibility to extend your stay in our B&B

2 nights accommodation in our organic B&B or guest house including our copious organic vegetarian/vegan breakfast and 2 dinners € 580 / € 770 for two

Come share your passion!


RECIPES - a vegan Christmas

Winter offers a cornucopia full of delicious fruits and vegetables, accentuated by legumes, nuts, grains and essential oils: we can make use of these fantastic ingredients. Why not incorporate that into a delicious vegan holiday dinner?

As we promote a vegan lifestyle here at La Vudèle we would like to give you some ideas for the holiday table. When busy cooking for our guests at our table d'hôtes we tend to forget to take photos of our creations... Fortunately our guest Solli from Sweden/Paris took some during her two stays this year and last and posted the recipes on her blog; these dishes work really well for a fancy dinner with friends and family and are all animal cruelty-free.

Along the same lines is thoughtful gift giving. In this world of materalistic abundance it's a smile, a gesture, a thought which makes a difference... Bonne fête!

The starter: a warming flageolet bean soup with freshly sprouted alfalfa
 warming flageolet bean soup


The main course: slow-cooked risotto with freshly cracked linseed

 risotto with


The dessert (to be dressed up with sparkle and glitter, of course!):
lavender custard with cranberries

Enjoy your home-cooked meals
and thank you for thinking of the animals that did not
have to suffer and were not killed for this meal!

Jim & Claudia